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Hello! My name is Damla Ece. I'm London & Kent photographer.

I born in Izmir. 

I graduated from Ege University in 2013.

My photography adventure started as an amateur at the university in 2010, continue after my university graduation.

My passion for photography has started to turn into my business in 2015.

After that, I started to provide professional photography services in different fields.
I have experience in all areas of photography, as can be seen from my portfolio. 


I like to take timeless and unique quality photographs when people don’t even realize they are being photographed with their most natural-looking and emotions.

Life is a journey. In this journey, a human should always continue to improve itself. That's why I always try to improve myself in my job. Every new project excites me and I try to do my best. I hope see you soon!

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